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Insurance protection offers numerous benefits to you and your loved ones. It provides financial security for the future and protects you against unforeseen events that can deplete your financial resources. At CLS Insurance Services, we offer a wide range of insurance policies for people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. By understanding what these policies have to offer, you can make wise insurance choices to protect you and your family.

Insurance Options

At CLS Insurance Services, we write the following insurance policies for residents in California:

By assessing your risks and the type of protection you need, you can customize your insurance protection to suit your individual need. If you own a home or vehicle in California, auto and home insurance is a must to protect these valuable investments. Auto liability coverage is required in California to protect others in accidents you may cause.

Business owners will need commercial coverage to protect their business assets. If your company employs one or more workers, you are required to carry workers compensation insurance to cover prospective injuries on the job.

Excess & Umbrella insurance will protect your assets against large liability claims or lawsuits that could cause you financial ruin. These claims could result from serious auto accidents or accidents that occur on your residential property.

As California is prone to earthquakes and flooding, Flood & Earthquake coverage are wise investments for those who own a home in the Golden State.

Where to Obtain Insurance Coverage

At CLS Insurance Services, insurance is our specialty. We’ll help you select the policies that offer the best protection for you and your family. Working with a reputable insurance company is key to getting quality coverage and excellent customer service when you need it most. Call or visit us today for all your insurance needs.

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