California Flood and Earthquake Insurance Coverage

Flood & Earthquake Insurance

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Flood & Earthquake Insurance

Your home is one of your largest investments and you want to protect it as much as possible. Of course, then, you have obtained an adequate homeowners insurance policy, but does it cover everything you need? Possibly not and the agents at CLS Insurance Services in California understand that you may need more coverage for your home.

There are a few things that are not covered under a regular homeowner’s insurance policy and two of those things are floods and earthquakes. In California, there is an increased likelihood of an earthquake occurring and with climate change comes more flooding.

Flood Insurance

Flood damage is not included under standard homeowners or even renter’s insurance policies. You can obtain separate flood insurance that is offered for both homeowners and renters but it is a separate policy on its own. You can obtain flood insurance, with the help of your insurance agent, through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), or from a private insurance provider.

Earthquake Insurance

For earthquake coverage, you can add-on an endorsement through your current homeowner's insurance policy or renter’s insurance policy and it is available through most insurance companies as a separate policy.

Flood Insurance and Earthquake Insurance Coverage

Most flood insurance policies only cover your home and exclude other buildings on your property. You can obtain insurance for the other buildings if you want. The maximum amount of flood insurance coverage amount for your home is $250,000 for the structure itself and $100,000 for the contents that are inside your home, including clothing, furniture, and appliances.

Earthquake Insurance Coverage

Like flood insurance, earthquake coverage can be obtained as a separate policy from your homeowner's insurance policy or as an endorsement on your homeowner's insurance policy. You can obtain earthquake insurance, which will cover your home and living expenses while your home is repaired or rebuilt, through a private insurance company or, in California, from the California Earthquake Authority (CEA).

Call the insurance professionals at CLS Insurance Services in California to start your flood and earthquake insurance policies today to obtain the coverage you need for your peace of mind.

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