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Home and Renters Insurance

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Home and Renters Insurance

Home and renters' insurance policies are quite different from each other, but they share a few basic coverage types. If you need either a home or renters' policy, call us at CLS Insurance Services in California. You can make an appointment with an agent to talk about the insurance you need and want.

Home Insurance

Home insurance, also called homeowners' insurance, is a type of insurance that covers your dwelling as well as what is in it and some of what occurs there. It has coverage for the house itself, including virtually every part of it. Then, it covers your belongings that are inside the house. It also offers you a level of liability insurance if someone should have an accident or get sick inside your home. Finally, it pays for your living expenses if your home is destroyed or damaged enough that it is uninhabitable. All these coverage types are valuable and should be carried by every homeowner. If you are making finance payments on it, all of these coverage types are likely required for you to have by the bank.

Renters' Insurance

Unlike home insurance, this type does not cover your dwelling. As a renter, you are not responsible for the upkeep of the property or for problems with the dwelling. Your insurance is primarily about covering your possessions. You can cover everything you own with this policy. This type of policy also includes a small amount of liability insurance for if a third party were to get sick or injured in your rented space. It also covers your lining expenses if something serious happens to your apartment or other rented space and you are unable to live there. Most landlords require you to have this type of insurance, but it's important to have even if it isn't required.

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If you don't have a renters' or home policy, whichever is appropriate, call us right away to start your policy. It pays to be covered for anything that life can throw at you.

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